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The Webserver - Demo: Automatic refresh

While a diagram is being loaded from the WinControl Webserver to your web browser, the measurement continues. That is why normally it will be interesting to update the displays and diagrams periodically to see the currently measured values. There are different ways to do that:

  • The easiest way to refresh the image is to use the "Reload" button of your web browser.
  • To reload the homepage automatically, the programmer of the website can modify the page preferences. In this case the whole website will be reloaded at regular intervals.
  • A better way is to reload only the displays and diagrams, rather than the whole website. This relieves the WinControl Webserver as well as the network connection and also improves the look of the page (less flickering). This can be done by simply adding a small Javascript to the website.
  • If a diagram of the WinControl Webserver is displayed inside a separate frame, this diagram can easily be reloaded automatically. The programmer of the website can simply modify the address of the image to advise the WinControl Webserver that this picture should be refreshed periodically.


More about...

Reload via Javascript

This diagram is reloaded automatically at an interval of about 10 seconds, if Javascript is enabled in your web browser.

Reload inside an iFrame

This diagram is inside an embedded frame and is reloaded automatically every 10 seconds, even if you disabled Javascript in your web browser.


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