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The Webserver - Demo: Image types

Normally, the WinControl Webserver sends the displays and diagrams as a PNG image file. The advantages of this file type are:

  • The PNG formatted images of WinControl can be highly compressed, which makes it possible to load the images faster, even with a slower internet connection.
  • You get the optimal quality, because PNG files benefit from lossless compression.
  • The PNG format provides a transparent background for the image files, which extends the design options for web designers.
  • The PNG format is supported by any current web browser.

If required, the WinControl Webserver also provides JPEG formatted images. This may be useful, if an older browser does not support the PNG format or if the image requires a very high color depth (i.e.: a project drawing of WinControl with an embedded photo).

Arc Display as PNG file - Click to enlarge
PNG image of an Arc Display. The images is displayed exactly as in WinControl.
(Please click the picture to enlarge it)
Arc Display as JPEG file - Click to enlarge
The same arc display formatted as JPEG image. You can see smears at the edges, which are typical for JPEG.
Furthermore, JPEG does not provide a transparent background.
(Please click the picture to enlarge it)


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