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Assistant for calibrating measuring sensors

  • Multilevel calibration via self-defined calibration programs with set point lists and
    stability criterion
  • Hardware profile with set point, reference and calibration measuring points
  • Automated procedure with measured value recording
  • Drive a calibrator (set point specification)
  • Any desired number of measuring points can be calibrated simultaneously
  • Saving the values as AMR, CSV or Excel file
  • Saving a configurable number of values per calibration step in case the stability
    criterion is met
  • Overview window with progress bar

Devices & Protocols

The following "lanuages" are currently implemented in AMR WinControl:

  • ALMEMO® V5, V6 und V7
  • Climatic Chamber (Weiss/Vötsch, Feutron, Binder, CTS, Memmert, ...)
  • Dew Point Mirror (DPM 373, DewPoint, ...)
  • Gasanalyzer (Emerson X-Stream/NGA/MPT/CLD, Eco Physics CLD 8xx, ...)
  • Powermeter (Yokogawa WT230/310, Infratek 106A/108A, Janitza, Hioki, ...)
  • Calibrator (Julabo, ISOTECH, AMETEK®,... )
  • Devices with integrated OPC-DA Server

Using configuration files, any Modbus and CANBus devices can be integrated into the software. Further devices and other applications can be integrated using the open "Simple ASCII" protocol.


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