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Climate chamber monitoring

The functions for long-term and continuous monitoring in combination with the broad support of a wide range of devices and systems are ideal for monitoring climate chambers:
  • Simultaneous recording of the setpoint and actual values of chambers from different manufacturers (i.a. CTS, Binder, Espec, Feutron, Weiss/Vötsch)
  • Automatic saving of measured values according to different criteria
  • Visualization of the measured values in all supported display modes (locally at the acquisition computer and via integrated web server in the local network)
  • Splitting the program windows into different workspaces also provides an overview for many chambers
  • Parallel recording of measurement data and video of the test objects (optional)
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Automated monitoring
  • Autosave: save files automatically by day and/or week.
  • Test Bench Manager: save data automatically into different files simultaneously and independently of one another.
  • Automatic printing and/or e-Mailing automatically saved files and event lists.

Security & Complaince
  • Password Protection: user and access-rights management.
  • Trend Monitoring - Pre alarm to signalize trending progresses.
  • Signalization of and automated reaction to Alarms.
  • Logging of alarms and occurrences into an event list (Audit trail).


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