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Systems Integration - creating added value by combining existing and new systems using WinControl

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ALMEMO Devices

Our AMR WinControl and ALMEMO View are developed specifically for the universal devices of Ahlborn. Devices can be detected, programmed and their memory can be read out (if required automatically).
Other products from our range can be customized upon request as well.

OPC & LabView Connection

Use OPC Support to export measuring data online or import it from any OPC Server (e.g. LabView).

We can implement this for you in other products of our WinControl range as well.

Other types of devices

Our products work with a number of different devices. In AMR WinControl for example, there is an option to include:  Gasanalyzer (ABB, CLD 8xx, MRU Nova, NGA, XStream, ...), Power meter (Infratek, Janitza, Hioki, Yokogawa, ...) ...Complete List...

Text based communication

System integration often means the connection of different software and the distribution of measuring data on a local network.
This challenge can be met in many of our products with our SimpleASCII-Protocol and the optional data server.

Emerson Gas Analysis

With some of our products you can detect your NGA and XStream X2 Analysis devices by Emerson Process Management, record analyse.

Using XTR WinControl and NGA WinControl you can easily calibrate Emerson gas analysis devices.

More climate testing chambers

Measurements can be recorded not only by measuring instruments but also by climatic chambers (eg Binder, CTS, Espec, Feutron, Weiss/Vötsch, ...). If configured accordingly, setpoints can also be specified via the software. Thus, for example, comfortable monitoring and calibration are possible.

Feutron testing chambers

Measuring data from your Feutron testing chambers can be detected and recorded with several of our products.
You can also easily create, save, load, manage, and remotely control climate simulations using FKS WinControl.


Modbus Connections

The support of the Modbus-Protocol of some of our products enables the integration of existing systems.

Every type of device will be defined via a configuration file and can be used repeatedly in our products.

Flexibility through WinControl

All of our products of the WinControl range can be customized according to your wishes and individual challenges.

Wheter you are displaying workflows or want to integrate other measuring devices, WinControl will adjust to your needs.
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